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Record of the Week: DJ Sports – Adaptation
Whats more is there to say about the new 12'' of Help Recordings than their own press release, We believe nothing. HELP012 Pressrelease: We don't mean to be disrespectful to the shops and supporters by having these wise-guy, unfunny and meta-feta promo releases. But this one is our shortest to date consisting of: 267 letters 39 spaces 50 words 12 nouns 7 numbers 5 verbs 4 jokes 1 Dan Graham reference Check it out Here ...
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Record of the Week: Dark Strands – Unknown Truths
Unknown Truths is the debut album from Tony Beardsley (aka Dark Strands). What can be said about this album... for one, it is a body of work that has been crafted as a labour of love with sources of inspiration taken from the late 80's underground warehouse parties and clubs where no one speed or style of music was played... curve balls as they say, was a good thing. Ambitious maybe... but the only aim of the album was to actually not to have one. No one genre or concept can be applied, but this...
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