CD Pressing

Triple Vision offers one of the most beneficial deals for CD pressing in Europe.

Where do we press?

BAK Poland was set up in 1989, soon it became one of the most influential VHS tapes manufacturers working for the biggest distributors in Europe. After many years of magnetic tape production the first lines for CD and DVD productions were introduced  in 2006.

Along with the production of optical media they have also developed our capacities in the field of offset and screen printing as well as cardboard packaging. In their offer you will find a wide range of products starting from regular plastic cases, cardboard/paper boxes to digipacks, unipacks, and non standard formats.

Prices for CD pressing

– DDP file EU35,-

Requirements for CD Pressing

– DDP 2.0 file (Disc Description Protocol) if you are not able to create a DDP file yourself we can provide you with one for EU35. Audio should be submitted according the specs at the audio specifications page
– Artwork for your finished product. For exact artwork details for your prefered product visist the artwork specifications page.