Vinyl Distribution

Since 1994 Triple Vision has been known as a reliable partner for record labels around the world for setting up vinyl releases. Until recently Triple Vision used to offer full pressing & distribution deals to many of our labels but due to changes in the vinyl industry we have been forced to change our ways of working which resulted into a new concept that we call a ‘’shared pressing and distribution’’ deal.

Shared pressing & distribution

Instead of offering full pressing & distribution deals, we work with an account based system.
When you start a label, you open an account with us. Before we can start the production of a record, we ask for an advance on production costs, so your account won’t go below zero too much.
The advance that is required will be determined by our vinyl department manager based on the following principles:

– The quality of the provided music and the level/esteem of the artist/producer.
– The total costs of the product.
– Results of previous releases.
– Availability of back stock.

All income and expanses will be added to your account, which you can get an overview of via a statement. Here you get to see a detailed breakdown of any money going in or out. Also you will be able to see the current balance of your account. Statements are updated each month and can be requested at your contact.

For each new release, we will take a look at the current state of your account and determine whether another advance is necessary to start the next record.

NOTE: All prices communicated are excluding VAT.

To read more about mechanical rights click here


Requirements for pressing and distributing a release 

In order to get your record prepared we need:

For production:

–       Full waves of each track. Please send us a downloadlink or send it through transferwise. For exact details on how to get maximum result and efficiency please follow the guidelines explained at the audio specifications page.

–       Artwork for your finished product, 12’’ label sticker, printed sleeve (if needed). For exact artwork details for your prefered product visit the artwork specifications page.

For distribution:

–       Label logo.

–       Audio snippets (90 sec / 320kbps mp3).

–       1200X1200 pixels .jpg preview of the artwork.
–       A salesnote with a detailed description of your release.


Planning and releasedate

Important Note: Lead Time for production is very long!

Last Update 28/09/2021:

The Test Press Order takes 4 to 5 weeks. Due to our current work load, there is no standard production time. The Delivery of the Test Pressings and of the Finished Copies are based on actual capacity demand at the time the order is placed.

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Account status

After your record is released you can receive a sales report every 6 weeks on request.

Profits can be either paid back to the label through an invoice or used as backup for future releases.



Promotion is done by the label. Advertisement on shops as Red Eye and Juno, like highlighting a certain release, are made by the marketing staff of those shops solely.

Fair pricing, full profit

Our standard deal gets you 300 12″ records on 140 gram vinyl (standard vinyl weight for a 12”) in a black disco sleeve with full colour label and basic vinyl mastering including 3 testpresses.

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