Promo Service

Triple Vision has been providing a highly valued promotional services for labels at an affordable price. This means you can now promote your music to your pool of DJs and recipients in an appealing way. Since 2014, Triple Vision has been delivering DJ-promo mail-outs for many labels to an ever growing solid pool of DJs, blogs/magazines and promoters worldwide, making sure that your music reaches the right people! Find an example promo-campaign here.


– Promo campaign sent out to a mailinglist of personalized recipients suited for your label/music.
– We offer sending your release to our genre curated lists containing over 400 contacts per genre including DJs & Producers / Radio Shows and Blogs.
– We offer the option to hand in custom lists for your label (this list will solely be used for the label account).
–  Receive a weekly report containing informative statistics on your campaign and feedback from your recipients.
–  Anti sharing – every campaign is sent out personally to our contacts and can only be opened by the recipient by logging in.


Our prices per campaign are based on a fixed-fee basis, which means you will pay a personalized price regardless of the amount of downloads your promo will reach, or the amount of bandwidth you’re using. For long-term clients we offer the possibility of having a personalized template. Get in touch with us for a personalized price based on your wishes.


–  16 or 24 bit .wav files.
–  Release artwork at least 1400X1400 pixels in .jpeg format.
–  Sales note / Promotional text for your release.

Any files you’d like to be bundled with the release (press packs and such) can be sent over but are not required.


In order to maintain the best results for our campaigns, we protect our service from becoming a “spam service”. We put high value in the privacy of our contacts and therefor our mailing lists will remain private at all times.

In order to start a promo campaign, please send an e-mail to which includes streaming links to the music you
are looking to promote.

Fatdrop Examples

Fatdrop example