What do you charge for digital distribution?

€ 7.50 per track delivery (with a maximum of 30€).
7% of your net. label share estimate.

What are the contractual conditions?

When entering an agreement for distribution with Triple Vision Record Distribution the agreement length is for an indefinite duration and may be severed by either of the parties at all times. Cancellation of the agreement should be requested one quarter up front. However the contract can not be breached when the account of the label is in debt. To leave Triple Vision Record Distribution in such a situation the debt has to be redeemed first.

Triple Vision Record Distribution solely functions as a middle man supplying shops with your music. You are responsible for the content you distribute and can claim ownership of material that you have the rights for.

What kind of payment options are there?

You can receive royalty payments through, Paypal or bank transfer after Triple Vision receives a valid invoice. We strive to pay your invoices within seven days after receiving. European transactions (IBAN/SEPA) require a minimum invoice value of €100. European payments without IBAN number are not accepted, every bank can supply you these details without a problem.

All other international transfers require a minimum invoice value of €150, due to high international banking charges. For efficient banking we require your IBAN/SWIFT numbers.

You can find an example of a standard invoice we use and an empty invoice for your personal use (in excel format).

Estimated reporting dates:

Every month a label report/statement will be created. Due to different reporting cycles per DSP we are reporting as follows:

Jan.           – Mid March
Feb.           – Mid April
March       – Mid May
April          – Mid June
May            – Mid July
June          – Mid August
July           – Mid September
Aug.          – Mid October 
Sept.         – Mid November
Oct.           – Mid December
Nov.          – Mid January
Dec.          – Mid February

Payments will be processed within two weeks after receiving the invoice.

What stores can I sell my music in?

With iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify, you’ve already got three of the largest, most vibrant music services covered, but our list of digital music providers can change weekly as we deal with more and more shops. This does not mean that your music will appear in all shops because some are specialised shops that only take a certain genre or screen the music and only take a selection. However, shops like iTunes, Amazon, Spotify generally do not refuse any music. For a full shop list please see the digital distribution page.

What is an ISRC Code?

An ISRC Code is an internationally unique code for music which is needed to track your song through shops and around the world. If you do not have one we will provide you one without extra costs.
ISRCs described in Wikipedia

What is a barcode (EAN/UPC)?

An EAN/UPC Code an internationally unique product code often seen as a “barcode” on a product. There is a European system (EAN) and a US system (UPC). If you do not have one we will provide you one without extra costs.
EAN described in Wikipedia
UPC described in Wikipedia