Mastering service for Techno

Triple Vision offers high quality audio mastering for artists and labels that release Techno or other 4×4 related genres. Our experienced mixing and mastering engineer uses top level analog and digital equipment to give your music a complete and professional sound to bring out the full potential of your tracks and allow them to compete with major commercial releases.

It takes one week to get the music mastered and sent back to the label. We will need an advance payment for our mastering services. Digital masters can be requested by sending an email to with the following subject – DIGITAL MASTERING REQUEST [CATALOGNUMBER] –

Delivery and preparation

Make sure you have the following settings in your DAW:

– No limiter or compressor on the masterbus.
– Make sure the track has about -3 / -6 db headroom.
– WAV or AIFF format at 44.1 khz and 24 bits at minimum.
– Stereo Interleaved.
– No dithering.

For maximum result and efficiency please follow the guidlines explained at the audio specifications page