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Record of the Week: Le Clich̩ / Colophon РBold Monday 10
In celebration of Bold Monday's 10th anniversary they invited two of their favourite artists, Le Cliche (Gerard Ryan residing in Barcelona) and Colophon (Bas van Vuurde hailing from Haarlem) to compose six exclusive tracks. They are releasing those tracks as a special limited edition EP on vinyl. The tracks on this EP can be categorised as contemporary electronic music with a clear nod to its roots, while both artists opted for a different emphasis as well. Le Cliche composed the tracks Francophilia, Ergophobia and Chorophilia inspired by experimental postpunk and early synth pop. Colophon on the...
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Record of the Week: Various Artist – Persuasion
This release of Blind Allies is a disclosure of its main idea, it includes the tracks of artists who have never collaborated together. The artists toiled hard together on a similar concept keeping themselves unknown. You can check out the results of their contributions for yourself. Check it out Here ...
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Record of the Week: Sonar Base – Sonar Bases 4 – 10
The second release in January to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Frank de Groodts career as a recording artist is a re-press of his legendary Sonar Bases 4 10 double 12 . Exactly 21 years ago, in January 1997, Frank elevated to electro stardom with this astonishing combination of dark electronica and electro beats. All track on this re-press have been remastered for maximum impact. Check it out Here ...
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