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Eatbrain interview / Kmag
Since bursting onto the scene a few years ago, Budapest-based labelEatbrain has generated more and more buzz with each consecutive release. It's not surprising in the least; under the direction of label boss Jade, Eatbrain has slowly but surely accumulated one of the most solid catalogues of any drum & bass label today, guided by a mandate of "quality over quantity." ''Taken from Knowledge Magazine for full interview click here''...
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Triple Vision welcomes Plasma Collaborative
Triple Vision welcomes Plasma Collaborative, a new creative platform based in Melbourne. The collective will output and create through a variety of components; Electronic Music, hand made limited edition Apparel, Digital Media Production (Music videos, production tutorials, sample packs) and boast it's own music studio facility in Melbourne.

Plasma Launch Sequence - 13.12.13 from BBA on Vimeo.

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EDJ Interviews Brother
''Brother's debut album 'Hidden Depths' released in 2009 on Fokuz is one of our favourite D&B long players, well, ever, here at EDJ. Not only was it an long player in the traditional sense in that the whole thing came packaged on one 12", the music was soulful, jazzy and full of positivity, traits that, in our opinion, need to make themselves present in more D&B than they do currently. It was with much delight then that we learnt of the impending release of his sophomore LP, 'Cold Shoulder', that has now just been released,...
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