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BSE – ‘From The Shadows’ Interview w/ Broken Culture
Taking their name from the Star Wars ‘Black Sun Crime Syndicate’, Black Sun Empire are a dutch trio that have been tearing up d&b with their signature dark, techy and hard style since the mark of the millenium. One of the most prolific Dutch d&b outfits, they’ve built a name for themselves worldwide not only through production and DJing but also running three labels of their own, BSE Recordings, Obsessions and Shadows of the Empire. 'Taken from, for full interview click here'' ...
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xlr8r reviews OUTNL006, Behling & Simpson – The Vaults EP
Behling & Simpson is not an easy outfit to pin down. When the duo first emerged in 2010, it seemed to be following the path being charted by fellow Bristolians Julio Bashmore and the rest of Futureboogie crew, as its initial offerings dabbled in R&B- and funk-tinged house. Subsequent records have varied somewhat, either digging deeper or sprinkling in bits of soulful UK garage, but the pair's latest EP, The Vaults, appears to have thrown out the script altogether. Nevertheless, it also appears to be some of Behling & Simpson's most interesting work yet. 'Taken from, for...
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