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Broken Culture on Absys Records 12006
Single malt liquid, Arp XP’s Seems Like opens up another stunning Absys Records 12″ in fine style, sliding smoothly through the ears before later introducing the subtly bitter after taste of hissing atmospherics and the occasional grinding baseline. The more beautiful side of a release that covers the spectrum of deep d&b (between both it’s A and B tunes as well as a third digital bonus), it’s silky piano and echoing vocals combine for a stunning dark, rolling liquid tour de force that’s both melodic and gritty all at once. Steadily growing into it’s slightly...
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DJbroadcast on ”Nuage – Prints Of You”
Prints of You is Kuzmin’s second solo LP, yet the latest in the line of releases by the prolific producer. Having teamed up with fellow Russian producer Getz in 2011, Kuzmin released the stylish and slick drum & bass long players, Anywhere Here and Music is Life. The records were a near homage to the work of Seba, with it’s progressive leanings and polished beats. Kuzmin eventually followed this up last year, with his first solo outing, Music of Branches. The record started to set the pace for the more diverse, laid-back sounds that were...
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Pulse Radio’s 10 best labels of 2014
With the digital age, more labels have popped up in the last few years than have ever existed before. Many are fly-by-night, at home operations that serve only to clutter the electronic music landscape with forgettable, cookie-cutter music. But some, even smaller labels, forge ahead as bastions of cutting edge music, slicing through the noise to deliver often timeless, world class singles, EPs and albums. Here we look at 10 labels that in 2014 have stood firmly on the latter ground. These are Pulse Radio's 10 Best Labels Of 2014 So Far. ''Taken from, for...
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