Shop Fulfillment Bandcamp

Shop Fulfillment Bandcamp
This document will briefly indicate what Triple Vision could mean for your label webshop, pricing, instructions how to set up and how to submit new incoming orders for processing from our warehouse address.

The Concept
The concept is simple: The label controls everything in terms of adding content online, setting up a physical product, specifying shipping etc. Once an order comes in, we’ll be able to access the order details with partner access provided from the open order page in your Bandcamp account. Once the package has been prepared, we’ll mark it as shipped & include a tracking number in the email that
Bandcamp sends out to the customer. On top automated shipping notifications are also sent by the transporter. This process can be done without any action taken from the label’s side, except for providing us the invite on after setting shipping rates accordingly in Bandcamp.

What To Expect
Triple Vision ensures a handling time of 24-72 hours from the moment of submitting an order. We’ll prepare each package with care by including protective layers of packaging materials to prevent for damaged delivery and always ship out with a tracking number, insurance for damage/loss up to max €50,- value & signature for delivery required in many supported countries worldwide included. Basic customer services for physical order related inquiries are also available (more info below).
Transit Times

We work with both UPS & Deutsche Post for shipping orders on Bandcamp. UPS has varying transit times specified per destination country, Deutsche Post will make delivery inside the EU normally within 1-5 business days, destinations outside the EU take about 5-20 business days due to involved customs controls processes that often cause a delay (depending on the destination country).

Triple Vision will reserve stock quantities specifically for selling online on Bandcamp. These numbers will be provided to you by one of our employees and need to be configured online accordingly. Doing so will avoid items getting sold that turn out to be unavailable for shipping out. Once an item reaches the out of stock status, we will check for the availability of more copies in our warehouse and contact the label to restock a certain quantity online (or not to restock if no longer available).

Free Goodies
Many label shops add free gifts or goodies inside the packages to make ordering on the platform a little more interesting for fans over ordering elsewhere. Some add (limited edition) stickers, others add a poster etc. We’re happy to take care of it free-of-charge when the label supplies TV with such items.

Customer Inquiries / Damaged Delivery
Customer services are available for general customer inquiries that are related to a physical order.
Think of product and/or shipping related questions/complaints, damaged/lost delivery, wrong item, defective item, order status etc. If a message arrives belonging to one (or more) of these categories, feel free to forward this message to and we’ll get back to you & the customer as soon as possible in order to find a solution.

In the event of damaged delivery: reports about damaged arrivals or lost packages after delivery must be submitted to within a maximum of 48-72 hours from the registered moment of delivery (as stated in the shipment tracking information). In-time reports can be filed as claim with the transporter involved, this will ensure entitlement to a suitable solution on behalf of the transporter’s insurance.
Any reports arriving after 72 hours are no longer eligible to file as insurance claim, in this situation any additional costs made for resolving the customer matter belong to the responsibility of the Bandcamp shop owner. Triple Vision can not be held responsible for this.

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