Record of the Week: Various Artists – ARTS V [Box]

We kick off the new year with not one record but a box with five!
Five years in the making, label boss Emmanuel aimed to deliver what for him was the very best selection of artists and people he could ever imagine under one single roof.

Arts has now passed the landmark number of 100. But the reality is that all the records are divided into different categories, which makes the total number way bigger. Nevertheless, the label has become synonymous with quality and consistency with a wide range of timeless sounds from Techno, House, Dub Techno, Electro, championing some of the most respected names in the scene and pushing the youth and putting this same youth at the very top of the chain, the label philosophy keeps rotating on a different level of orbits trying to reach always the best result and never be influenced by anything in the scene.

The Box is a meticulous work of one entire year, every artist of the 20 selected delivered something that connects deeply with the label and the reason why they are part of it.

Check it out Here

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