Record of the Week: Mythologen – Church Music

Mythologen, aka Alexander Palmestal follows last year’s debut album ‘Mythologen’ with the 12” EP ‘Church Music’. This EP is a love declaration to Londons club scenes and some of the titles are named after parts of districts in south east London.
The tracks on this record are free and loose in its melodies and you hear that Palmestal has worked on pure intuition in the song making process, inspired by the surrounding smells, sounds and people. As explosively impressing as the album was, is also ‘Church Music’ and the airy, uplifting sound that has become part of Mythologens trademark, is developed with a sacral touch.
Alexander Palmestal have since the days of Pistol Disco in the early 2000’s been one step ahead of most acts in leftfield and house music and have created an own musical space to exist in – something most artist never achieve! ‘Church Music’ consolidates Mythologen’s position as both a guardian and an innovator of modern dance music

Check it out Here

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