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DnB & Dubstep Tips by Dyzz (The Illuminated)
1/2 of The Illuminated Yuri // Dyzz plays a variety of 140 to 170bpm bass music mainly aimed at Dubstep, Dub/Reggae and techy Drum and Bass. Together with his partner in crime Joep // Rebus they produce under their moniker The Illuminated, play out all around Europe and organise the (dnb) Breek events at De Effenaar (Eindhoven). (more…)...
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Triple Tips by Harsh (Pamb&Harsh / Major League DnB)
The hosts of the infamous Major League events Pamb&Harsh have been one of the driving forces in drum & bass in Holland for over 15 years. Known for playing all styles drum & bass has to offer in their sets. Recently started their own label Major League DnBĀ featuring releases by the Zombie Cats and Segment & Concept Vision. (more…)...
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Stranger’s Triple Chart
Tipped as being one of Rotterdam's best kept secrets in Techno, dj/producer 'stranger' moves in mysterious ways and has quickly proven to be one to watch. His first musical appearance in 2014 was quickly picked up by established names as Dave Clarke, Sven Vath and Marcel Dettmann, giving his career aswell as his own Self Reflektion label a major kick-start. While remaining in the background pushing forward talented artists and working on various projects such as the highly anticipated Paling Trax label, his dj-career is on the rise. His name can be found on...
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