UKF – Who The Hell Is Changing Faces?

UKF – Who The Hell Is Changing Faces?

”Exactly two weeks ago today UKF found itself in Prague at Beats Evolution Conference (BEC); the world’s very first conference dedicated to drum & bass.

The aim: to level the global playing field for all D&B artists of all nationalities, to create an inspiring, informative and encouraging environment for emerging, aspiring and dedicated artists, to share tips, ideas and plan for the future. A prominent proportion of the genre were present; with Let It Roll happening straight after BEC, it caught everyone in the right place at the right time.

Naturally there were afterparties. One particular party has led us to this feature with Slovakian artist – 20 year old Changing Faces. She single handedly managed to converted our status from ‘just a quick beer’ to ‘dancing way beyond bedtime’ (and our consequent hungover status for the final day of the conference)

In a nutshell, she smashed it. A balanced, studied blend of liquid, soul and deep D&B, unafraid to drop classics and switch vibes, she had the dancefloor of The Roxy in the palm of her hand and never once got carried away (that job was for Marky who followed her and tore us all a new one with a surprisingly heady mix of jump-up)”

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