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Source of Life / 7LP Box Set
Fokuz Recordings presents 'Source of Life', a 7LP box set with 28 tracks featuring upcoming and established artists from all around the globe. Labelowner Dreazz always has a keen eye and broad taste when it comes to drum & bass, this collection of tunes is a perfect reflection of his and the labels' attitude. ''This is both classic Fokuz and more than classic Fokuz. All of the usual elements are there: the dancing piano keys; the relaxing melodies; the clean breaks; the exalting vocals, but every so often there's a curveball thrown at you too.''...
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A Trip To Record Industry
''It's amazing, it's a great development. We always believed vinyl would 'stay' and never really disappear. We also believed it had a future and it's popularity would grow, but not with these giant steps. What's wonderful about it, is that people of all ages are buying vinyl. It's not only the stereotypical '40/50 year old male with linen duffel' but also young people, teenagers, who would like to own a record, the album of their favorite artist. The future is streaming and vinyl. You explore music through streaming and if you'd really like to have...
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VICE on the struggle of independent artists and labels
''Record Store Day, an annual event full of exclusive vinyl-only releases designed to promote interest in local record stores, has contributed to huge, annual bottlenecks in vinyl production, which last for several months, due to increased demands. And with entities such as Record Store Day completely upending vinyl production scheduling industry-wide—as well as ludicrously kitsch one-off pressings (“As if!”), Jack White passion-projects, and continuous re-pressings of Album Rock Era classics by the likes of The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd—it’s not difficult to see that with such limited tactile resources, the works are getting a...
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