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Dear Friends, Due to government restrictions connected to the COVID-19 pandemic, most of our employees are working from home. Technical advancements allow us to keep each department running as per usual. The warehouse crew will continue to work from our building, and thus orders will continue to be shipped to all customers. This won't affect webshop orders for as long as the postal services will be functioning. Having said that, we will monitor the situation closely, and will inform our clients regarding new developments regularly. For now, we are unsure about the effects of the pandemic in the long term. Like...
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Record of The Week: Drvg Cvltvre – The World Is On Fire But We Still Dance Like Twats – Part 2
The New York Haunted label owner "Drvg Cvltvre" drops 3 new tracks on Concrete Records. Strong synths, acid bass lines and aggressive sounds are the elements that always characterized Drvg Cvltvre's music, in this EP he shows another more sophisticated and personal side: pads and ambient suggestions coexist with the strong basslines and rhythms. A different approach that gives a more deep and mental oriented tone to the tracks. A lot of percussion add raw sound characterized this three tracks, a just balance between the raw house genre and the violent techno sound. Check...
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Record of The Week: Keepsakes – Modern Anxious Vernacular
For Haven's sixth release in their main series co-head Keepsakes returns to the label with his first EP of 2019 and a new, slower direction for his sound. Following on from a busy touring schedule in the previous year and well received EPs on Haven, "Modern Anxious Vernacular" takes a different approach to Keepsakes' crunchy and vigorous tones, opting to explore slower tempos while maintaining his signature character in an environment of ever increasing BPMs. The A1 begins the EP with "Seep", throwing mind-shattering kicks, eerie vocal atmospheres and shuffling hi-hats at the listener before...
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