Spotify Information

Spotify Information

In a time where Spotify has become one of the fastest growing sources of revenue within the digital domain, treating it as such has become increasingly important.

As a distributor we feel that giving you some tools and tips might come in handy when positioning your content in the ever extending catalog of online streaming services.

In a catalog with over 30 million assets there are a lot of duplicate artist names and/or songs that end up in the wrong artist account. This is something we try to control. Naturally, every now and then with multiple distributors handling content of a certain artist some songs can slip through.

If you spot such an abnormity, please reach out to our encoders via so we can help you to clean out artist profiles. Remember that we can only control content that has been distributed by us in the first place.

Playlists. Whereas ten years ago we resorted to different tools, these days, playlists have become increasingly important. Playlists allow labels to showcase their catalogs, show support for likeminded artists and labels but also to gain following by refreshing these playlists on the regular whilst gaining subscribers by creating a listening experience for fans of the label, genre or artists. Some examples for successful playlists strategies are:

Create playlists with new releases from the label catalog combined with 3rd party content that is in line with the label’s musical and creative identity.

Create one playlist with the full catalog for fans of the label to subscribe to.

Create a ‘’staff picks’’ playlist to show your fans what the employees of the label listen in their spare time. Of course release by label artists on other labels are convenient to include.

Let artists on the label do a best of ‘’playlist’’ where they create their favorite picks from the label catalogue.

Apart from the usual playlists with enough subscribers it might also be feasible to create small playlists for each new release.

Another crucial point in order to have a consistent and professional appearance through Spotify is to have the artists and label pages verified.

Artists can be verified through here:

Label profiles can be verified here:

Keep in mind that you need to create a profile first before you can change it to the ‘’verified label profile’’.

Furthermore, for artists, there is a service called fan-insights. This tool is being used for artists to analyze their traffic this option can be requested here:
*fan-insights might not be available to all artists at this point.