PRSPCT Recordings
PRSPCT Recordings is an independent underground Hardcore Drum & Bass label founded back in 2002 by Thrasher, in cooperation with record distributor Triple Vision – both situated in the city of Rotterdam, NL. The label has 5 imprints covering all things awesome that Drum & Bass, Hardcore and Breakcore (in all their mutated forms) have to offer – the love for all this twisted noise is what PRSPCT Recordings lives & dies for!!! ...
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31 Recordings
In the new rhythmical variations in the uptempo and drum n bass realm of late, Doc Scott and his label 31 Recordings have only been going from strength to strength. His monthly Future Beats show pushes new drum n bass and deviating rhythms. Doc Scott himself has recently stated that if you complain about everything sounding the same you’re not trying hard enough, and to illustrate this, he’s looked, he’s found and has shown how boundaries can be pushed with 31 Recordings. We’re left wondering what is next from the label, and looking forward to hearing...
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In 2003, Martin (Calibre) decided to launch his own record label, Signature Records, which became his primary vehicle for launching singles and full-length releases in both vinyl and digital media format. Martin states, "Signature has been set up as an outlet primarily for my own work and collaborations. There won't be any other artists on the label for the foreseeable future"....
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